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  • Black Dog Collars - variant[Small]
  • Black Dog Collars
  • Black Dog Collars
  • Black Dog Collars

Black Dog Collars

Regular price £9.99 Sale price £7.99
Size Small


Our black Dog Collars were designed for security and durability. The collar is made from robust webbing on the outside for strength and has a padded neoprene inside for dog comfort. They are adjusted with a camlock slider which means no loose ends on the outside.

The aluminium D-ring is designed with a stand-off angle to allow easy location and attachment of lead clips.

The collar is machine washable so dogs can get as muddy or as soggy as they like.

Dog Collar Size Chart


  • Robust webbing
  • Padded neoprene inside
  • Strong aluminium D-ring
  • Machine washable
  • 50% neoprene
  • 50% polypropylene webbing
Product code: 80510

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