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Top Places to See Bluebells with your Dog

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Top Places to See Bluebells with your Dog

Spring is officially in full swing here in the Lake District, we have already seen the lovely daffodils bloom in March/ April but now we’re into May.

It’s time for the sea of beautiful bluebells found in a lot of the woodlands around here.

Willow absolutely loves the woods.

There are so many different things to see, climb, jump and smell, especially at this time of year – and there’s the wild garlic too.

Here are Willow’s and my top walks to see the Bluebells.

Skelghyll Woods: A short walk out of Ambleside, it is a lovely woodland with a wonderful trail which threads its way through the trees. Just off the main trail in the quieter parts of the woods, you can find a forest floor brimming with beautiful flowers.

Low Wood (High Close): This has to be one of my favourite woodland walks with Willow. Whilst its not a very big woodland, it is very beautiful and also very quiet. The bluebells provide gorgeous diplays whilst Willow can quite safely have a good run round exploring holes in the ground and sniffing interesting tree stumps. A great place for dog walking.

Staveley Woods: Another little hidden gem for bluebells is Staveley woods. It’s another quiet spot where you get to enjoy the woods and the seasonal bluebells to yourself. There are good trails which the dogs enjoy.

Rannerdale: This is probably the most popular place to go see the bluebells.

It’s a unique place because the little flowers grow in the open fields on the hill side rather than in the woods. It’s very popular and if you go you will see why – the hillside is transformed and swathed in blue.

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